Research Laboratories
Transportation Works Laboratory
The Laboratory of Transportation Works of the Civil Engineering Department, University of Patras, aims to support and promote teaching and research in the areas of design, construction, maintenance and management of transportation infrastructure projects.

The equipment of the Laboratory includes instruments for quality assessment of aggregates, concrete and asphalt materials as well as instruments for recording surface characteristics of pavements. It also includes software for road design, project management and management of road infrastructure.

The Laboratory staff includes two faculty members (Dimitrios Theodorakopoulos, Professor and Laboratory Director and Athanasios Chassiakos, Associate Professor) and 8 graduate students including 4 doctoral candidates. Approximately 10 undergraduate students work for their diploma thesis in the Laboratory each year.

The faculty members of the Laboratory teach six undergraduate and four graduate courses in the areas of:
• Design, construction, maintenance and management of highway projects.
• Economic evaluation of construction projects.
• Planning and management of construction projects.

Current topics of research activity include:
• Dynamic analysis of pavements under moving loads.
• Impact assessment of transportation projects in their life cycle.
• Management of pavements and bridges in road networks.
• Building Information Modeling of road projects.
• Risk management of construction projects.
• Applications of ICT in managing construction projects.
• Applications of artificial intelligence in project management and road infrastructure management.

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