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The Transport and Traffic Engineering Studies Unit of the University of Patras was founded in 1991 and operates with the primary goal of promoting teaching and research in the fields of Intelligent Transportation and Traffic Engineering.
The main activities of the Study Unit include:

1. Lecturing and supervision of student projects in the following subjects:

Intelligent Transport Systems
Traffic Engineering
Urban Traffic Planning
Airports and Air Transport Systems
Transport Analysis and Design I
Transport Analysis and Design II
Advanced Transport Systems


Advanced Topics in Analysis and Design of Transportation Systems
Intelligent Intermodal Transportation and Logistics
Special Topics in Transportation
Intelligent Systems in the Design of Airports and Air Transports
Intelligent Systems in Urban Traffic Design
Intelligent Systems in Ports and Airports
Time Series Analysis and Forecasting


Available for students who have completed their graduate studies.

2. Research
Research is primarily in the area of Intelligent Transport Systems. It focuses in modeling and assessing the dynamic nature of transport and traffic systems, dynamic forecasting algorithms, detection, control, simulation, and use of intelligent hardware and software. The research program is classified in areas, depending on the research field. These areas govern four research pillars:

a. Intelligent Transport Systems – ITS

ITS systems aim at drastically improving the information, management, quality, safety and security of travel. Specifically:

i. Incident Management Models covering all phases of incident management, i.e., Detection, Confirmation, Response, and real-time support algorithms, engineering and machine vision / computer vision in ITS.

ii. Macroscopic modeling, assessment, prediction, detection and control of road traffic incidents. Dynamic algorithms for non-linear traffic dynamics with emphasis on identification of incident precursors, near misses and incidents under shock wave and cluster development.

iii. Microscopic modeling, assessment, prediction, detection and control of road traffic incidents. Models of risk assessment based on the microscopic behavior of vehicle and traffic estimation.

b. Multimodal Transport Systems – MTS

i. Macroscopic detection and risk assessment - providing optimum safety in intermodal and multimodal hubs, including ports and airports.

ii. Microscopic identification of vehicle position using computer vision algorithms.

c. Sustainable Transport Systems - STS

i. Modelling, assessment and prediction of multimodal and intermodal transport behavior in sustainable passenger and freight transport, in interaction with online social networks in real time. Fleet management. Dynamic carpooling.

This research is supported by modeling intermodal and multimodal nodes (e.g. Patras port, Araxos airport), and large road networks, and is based on the analysis of real data from urban and metropolitan networks, e.g. Minneapolis USA, Athens, Cairo.

d. Cybernetics Transport Infrastructure Systems - CTIS

Algorithms are developed for integrated self-organizing systems, including intelligent transportation and infrastructure. Dynamic models using vector autoregression, pattern recognition, neural networks, genetic algorithms. Big data.

3. Applied studies
Traffic Engineering Studies in urban areas. Pedestrianization studies. Bicycle routes planning. Rail transport systems. Traffic Signs and Traffic Signal Studies. Parking Studies. Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) studies. Transport Safety. Accident analysis, driver behaviour studies, before and after studies. Computer applications and simulation models for all aspects of transport operations, planning and market research. Environmental Impact of traffic and transport operation assessment studies.

4. Conference organization

The Study Unit has organized 13 International and National Conferences:

•    June 2015: MED - European Union Sustainable Energy Week 2015 (EUSEW2015) Conference: "Innovation for Renewable Energy Efficiency Solutions in Mediterranean Regions and Cities - An overview of achieved results", Delegation of the Catalonia Government to the European Union Espai Catalunya Europa, Brussels-Belgium.
Co-organised by the MED projects: GRASP (Lead Partner - University of Patras) and EMILIE.
•    May 2015: “Green Procurement And Smart Cities Support in the Energy Sector”,  Patra Palace Hotel, Patras
•    March 2015: MED/EU Synergies Conference: “Energy Performance Indicators and Methods for a Sustainable Framework of Buildings Refurbishment”, Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Piraeus-Greece.
Co-organised by the MED projects: GRASP (Lead Partner - University of Patras) and REPUBLIC-MED.
•    November 2014: International Conference, “ITS and Smart Cities 2014”, Conference & Cultural Center of the University of Patras.
•    April 2013: International Conference, “ΙTS 2013”(with the University of Cyprus), Conference Center, University of Cyprus, Nicosia
•    May 2012: International Conference, “ΙTS 2012”(with the University of Cyprus), Conference Center, University of Cyprus, Nicosia
•    October 2011: International Conference “ITS 2011: Innovation and Society”, Conference & Cultural Center of the University of Patras.
•    May 2008: International Conference, “TRANSPORT SECURITY”, Conference Center, Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications, Athens.
•    June 2007: International Conference, “ROADS OF THE FUTURE,” Conference Center, Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications, Athens.
•    October 2005: 3rd Panellenic Conference on Road Safety, Conference & Cultural Center of the University of Patras.
•    May 2004: International Conference, “Traffic Signals-Recent Developments-Transport Telematics”, Conference & Cultural Center of the University of Patras.
•    May 2003: International Conference, “Modern Tram and L.R.T. Systems”, Conference & Cultural Center of the University of Patras.
•    December 2001: International Conference on Airports and Air Transport, ”Evolutions in the 21st Century”, Conference & Cultural Center of the University of Patras,
Proceedings of the above conferences can be traced through the electronic address

The equipment of the Study Unit includes:

-Traffic data counting devices, type ΑDR 1000
-Traffic data counting devices, type MARKSMAN 400
-Turning movements counter, type TETRA-PRO
-Server which hosts portals, applications and web pages,
-Info kiosk 24”
-Machine vision devices with software
-License plate reader with software
-Radar devices with software
-GPS devices with software

There are numerous computers with state-of-the-art software, appropriate for applications in the fields of traffic and transport engineering and planning. The software includes the AUTOSCOPE, SATURN and AIMSUN programs.

An extensive library of final year studies is available; the studies have been carried out by civil engineering undergraduate and graduate students in transport and traffic engineering.

Research Projects

The Study Unit has undertaken funded projects in the areas of intelligent transportation, traffic and infrastructure in smart cities. The most significant of these are:

•    “CROCODILE-2,” CEF (2015-18).
•    “GIFT 2.0: Greece-Italy Facilities for Transport,” ETCP Interreg (2013-15). 
•    “PHAROS Integrated Eco-routing and Fleet Management System,” EU-Egypt Innovation Fund (EEIF), RDI (2014-16)
•    "GRASP: Green Procurement And Smart cities Support in the energy sector," MED (2012-15).
•    “GUIDEPORT: Integrated Accessibility and Routing Guidance Platform for Safe Multimodal Transport In Sustainable Smart Ports and Regions,” ETCP (2013-15).
•    “Improvement of the traffic conditions in the Municipality of Sparti” (2012)
•    “Dynamic Carpooling” (2011).
•    “Traffic planning-Municipality of Zakynthos.” THISSEAS program (2011)
•    “Traffic Investigation of the city of Lefkada.” Municipality of Lefkada (2010)
•    “Improvement of traffic conditions.” Municipality of Maroussi (2008)
•    “Traffic Management Study for the City of Patras.” Region of Western Greece (2005-2006)
•    “Parking Management Investigation.” Municipality of Argostoli (2003-04)
•    “Feasibility Study of constructing a tram line for the city of Patras.” Ministry of Public Works (1998-2002)
•    “MASTERPLAN of the Corfu Airport I Kapodistrias.” Civil Aviation Authority (1998-2000)
•    “Investigation of the traffic signals and signs prerequisites in Urban Areas.” Ministry of Public Works (1998-1999)


Since 2011 the Study Unit has established an undergraduate student scholar award - awarded to up to 2 students obtaining the best performance in the courses of traffic and transport engineering. A certificate is provided, which is useful for those interested in graduate studies.


Since 2010 the Study Unit has established the ITS program degree – awarded to scientists of various specialties and to professionals interested in specialising in this rapidly developing field.

Director of the ITS program is Professor Yorgos Stephanedes.


The Study Unit is member of ITS Ellas, which represents the International ITS in Greece.


Professor Yorgos Stephanedes tel. 2610-996593, fax: 2610-996593 email:

Professor Evangelos Matsoukis  tel. 2610-997647, fax: 2610-997573 email: and

The Study Unit involves 1 teaching assistant, 6 PhD candidates, 16 graduate students, and 2 research associates. The PhD candidates are: Argyropoulos I., Gioldasis Ch., Moschonas N., Papageorgopoulou Ch., Peppe M., Chondrogianni D..

Responsible for the Study Unit is Professor Evangelos Matsoukis.

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