Research PhD Candidates
PhD Candidates
Full nameSpeciality AreaSupervisor
Stavreli Dimitra
Stefanidou MariaDisposal of Wastewater and Air EffluentsYannopoulos Panayotis
Theofilopoulou OlgaAthanasopoulos George
Tsantilis AristomenisSeismic isolation of masonry infills in reinforced concrete and steel frames using cellular materialsTriantafillou Thanasis
Tsikas PanagiotisMaintenance and rehabilitation management of concrete bridges in their life-cycleChassiakos Athanasios
Tzortzatou Eleni-Pinelope
Tzoura EffrosyniStrengthening of T-beams in cyclic shear using composite materialsTriantafillou Thanasis
Vlahakis VasileiosAthanasopoulos George
Voustrou MariaYannopoulos Panayotis
Xondrogianni Dimitra
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