Stochastic Dynamics of Structures
Instructor: Papageorgiou Apostolos
Course code: A16111
Course content:

The course objective is to familiarize students with the elegant and powerful theory of Random Vibrations of Structural Systems (with finite degrees of freedom) with particular emphasis on the analysis of such systems to earthquake excitations.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Theory of Random Processes [Specification of Random Processes; Stationary (Homogeneous) Random Processes; Expected Values: Moments; Differentiation and Integration of a Random Process; Spectral Representation of a Random Process; Non-stationary (evolutionary) Random Processes]
  • Some Important Random Processes [Gaussian, Poisson, and Markov Random Processes]
  • Further Properties of Random Processes [Threshold Crossings; Peak Distribution; Envelope Distribution; First-Passage Time; Maximum Value of a Random Process in a Time Interval]
  • Linear Structures with Single Degree of Freedom (SDOF) [System Response to Random Excitation; Weakly Stationary Excitations; Non-stationary Excitations]
  • Linear Structures with Multiple Degrees of Freedom (MDOF) [General Analytical Framework]
  • Structural Failures Resulting from Dynamic Response and Related Topics [First-Excursion Failures; Fatigue Failures]
  • Response of Nonlinear Structural Systems [Method of Equivalent Linearization – Hysteretic Systems]

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