Experimental Methods in Earthquake Engineering
Instructor: Bousias Stathis
Course code: A16013
e-class: http://eclass.upatras.gr/courses/CIV1526/
Course content:

  • Basic knowledge for designing an experimental campaign scope of the testing, etc.
  • Dimensional analysis, similitude requirements, true and distorted models, scaled tests
  • Testing methods: static, dynamic, hybrid, artificial excitation
  • Principles of designing test set-ups, planning and preparation.
  • Servohydraulic testing systems: loading systems (actuators, servovalves, pumps), system control (control theory, PID control, etc)
  • Sensors. Principles of operation, sensor characteristics, sensor mounting. converters
  • Data collection, data acquisition (hardware and software), data analysis and presentation
  • Structural monitoring, in-situ artificial vibration testing,
  • Lab exercises, Term project

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