Nonlinear Structural Analysis
Instructor: Sfakianakis Manolis
Course code: 6109
Course content:

  1. Methods for solving nonlinear equations (incremental method, direct substitution, Runge-Kutta, initial stiffness, Newton-Raphson).
  2. Geometric nonlinearity of truss and beam elements of frame structures considering moderate and large displacements (P-Δ).
  3. Material nonlinearity: Analysis of R/C sections, interaction diagrams for bending with axial load, moment-curvature diagrams under constant axial load.
  4. Nonlinear analysis of R/C sections and beam structural elements under cyclic loading.
  5. Plastic hinge models for beam elements of frame structures.
  6. Applications: in elastic static pushover analysis and time history analysis of structures under seismic loads. Use of computer codes: SAP2000, ETABS Nonlinear, BIAX and MINOS.

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