Engineering Seismology and the Earthquake Response of Structures
Instructor: Papageorgiou Apostolos
Course code: A26110
Course content:

The course objectives are to introduce to the students the main concepts of Earthquake Source Mechanics and Elements of the Theory of Elastic Wave Propagation (Elastodynamics) and enable them to understand modern approaches to the problem of Earthquake Strong Ground Motion Prediction and Synthesis, the ultimate objective being assessment of Seismic Hazard for earthquake engineering design.

Topics to be covered include: Earthquakes and Plate Tectonics; Seismometry; Seismic Waves – Overview; Seismic Source (Important Source Parameters; Source Spectrum; Scaling Laws); Path and Site Effects (including Basin Effects and Topography Effects) – Overview; Prediction and Simulation of Strong Ground Motion (Empirical Approaches; Mathematical Modeling Techniques -- Near-fault vs. Far-field ground motions); Seismic Hazard Assessment for Performance Based Earthquake Engineering; Relevance to Building Codes.

The presentation of the topics is tailored to the needs of earthquake engineers.

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