Postgraduate Studies Courses Hydraulic & Environmental Engineering for Sustainable Infrastructures
Sustainable Wastewater Disposal
Instructor: Yannopoulos Panayotis
Course code: Β16102
Course content:

  • Disposal of waste water and ecological processes
  • The philosophy of the sustainable disposal of wastewater and gaseous effluents
  • Quality of receiving waters - criteria and standards
  • Pollution loads and environmental impacts
  • Determination of the minimum wastewater dilution
  • Self-cleaning of the receiving waters
  • Diffusion and dispersion of wastewater and gaseous effluents
  • Initial dilution, dilution due to dispersion, dilution due to pollutant depletion, final dilution
  • Turbulent buoyant jets – Application of the integral method
  • Inclined buoyant jets – Application of curvilinear coordinate systems
  • Interacting buoyant jets – Potential flow theory
  • Design of sustainable disposal systems for the disposal of wastewater or thermal effluents
  • Preparation and presentation of a homework by each student, which contributes to the final grade of the course by 40% and the final examination by 60%.

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