Postgraduate Studies Courses Hydraulic & Environmental Engineering for Sustainable Infrastructures
Environmental factors in the design and management of sustainable civil infrastructure
Instructor: Stiros Stathis
Course code: B16018
Course content:

  • Classification of natural effects influencing civil infrastructure (atmospheric, hydraulic, tectonic, near-surface effects, biological, anthropogenic etc. effects) gradually or episodically, in different scales (nuisance to failure)
  • Main characteristics of these effects, of their scale, influence field, frequency and of their impacts (traditional and new)
  • Hazard, risk, exposure, vulnerability, impacts because of interactions and of secondary effects
  • Examination of representative effects based on their scale, evolution, reputation and impacts, including georeferencing and time series
  • Digital Data Bases of characteristics of natural effects; coverage, measuring techniques, uncertainties, analysis and evaluation techniques
  • Monitoring (instrumental and visual) and estimation of possible evolution of various natural effects directly, or indirectly through observation of degradation of selected constructions
  • Problems and approaches in the design and administration of resilient infrastructure because of impacts of natural effects, including leveraging of new social potential

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