Computational Methods in Geotechnical Engineering

Course code: 6205
Course content:

  1. Review of elementary numerical methods: collocation, least squares, subspace collocation, methods of Galerkin and Ritz.
  2. Introduction to the finite-element method for one-dimensional elements, props, piles and combined footings under axial and bending deformation.
  3. Interaction problems for footings on homogeneous elastic half-space.
  4. Finite-difference methods.
  5. Heteyi’s method for beams on elastic foundation.
  6. Finite-element methods for plane-strain and axisymmetric problems.
  7. Applications to dams, retaining structures and footings.
  8. Dynamic problems: spectral elements and transfer-matrix methods.
  9. Applications to wave propagation in inhomogeneous elastic media.
  10. Wave transmitting boundaries and the radiation condition.
  11. Boundary-element methods.
  12. Discrete-element methods.

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