Postgraduate Studies Courses Geotechnical Engineering
Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

Course code: 6203
Course content:

  1. Contribution of Geotechnical Engineering to Earthquake Engineering.
  2. Elements of Engineering Seismology-Ground motion prediction equations (GMPE). Near field effects. Data for the Greek territory.
  3. Seismic site response-Analytical, numerical and experimental methods.
  4. Effects of site conditions (including surface topography) on ground motion.
  5. Soil liquefaction: current criteria for liquefaction susceptibility and liquefaction triggering. Lateral spreading. Results of experimental and numerical studies.
  6. Seismic earth pressures on retaining structures – seismic stability of slopes and dynamic bearing capacity of foundations.
  7. Dynamic soil – structure interaction.
  8. Design methodologies – EAK 2003, EC7 and EC8 – Performance based design – Microzonation studies.

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