Advanced Soil Mechanics

Course code: 6201
Course content:

  1. Elasticity and plasticity of soils.
  2. Critical state theories, bounding surfaces, peak and residual soil strength, theories of dilatancy and contraction, development of excess pore water pressure in triaxial tests.
  3. Constitutive relations based on the modified Cam Clay model.
  4. Numerical solutions using Euler and Runge-Kutta methods.
  5. Soil stiffness at small and large strains.
  6. Plastic potentials, associated and non-associated flow rules.
  7. Stability of soil structures using limit analysis.
  8. Upper- and lower-bound theorems.
  9. Comparison with simple limit-equilibrium approaches.
  10. Methods of characteristics.
  11. Koetter equations.
  12. Applications in footings, retaining structures and tunnels.
  13. Dimensional analysis, similarity and geotechnical centrifuge simulation.

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