Postgraduate Studies Courses Water Resources and Environmental Engineering
Groundwater Remediation with Hydraulic Methods
Instructor: Kaleris Vasilios
Course code: 6313
Course content:

  1. Typical sources of pollution, steps for planning remediation actions.
  2. Isolation of contamination sources, estimation of the extent of contaminations (groundwater sampling).
  3. Design of pumping and treat measures using analytical solutions (pumping from one well, pumping from wells positioned vertical or parallel to the main flow direction) and the Particle Tracking Method.
  4. The effect of hydrodynamic dispersion (general transport equation, analytical solution for one-dimensional and two-dimensional transport, well mixed reservoir).
  5. Saltwater intrusion and remediation of coastal aquifers (sharp interface approach, confined, unconfined and two-layered aquifers, time scale of the retreat of the saltwater wedge, fresh groundwater below islands).

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