Introduction to Mechanics of Materials
Instructor: Papanicolaou Catherine
Course code: 5203
Semester: 2ο
Course content:

  • General principles of mechanics of materials: the concept of stress, basic concepts of axial and shear loading, strength-based design principles of structural members, the concept of deformation.
  • Stress-strain relationships for structural members under axial loading, methods for calculating displacements, basic principles of analysis of statically determinate and indeterminate structural assemblies with axially loaded members.
  • Stress state in structural elements subjected to shear, general mathematical definitions for axial and shear strains, generalized stress-strain relationships in the three-dimensional stress state, applications to stressed thin shells.
  • Transformations of stresses and strains from one coordinate system to another.
  • Basic concepts of theories of failure of materials. Introduction to the theory of torsion (cylindrical axial members under pure torsion).

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