Analysis of Framed Structures
Instructor: Karabalis Dimitrios
Course code: 5401
Semester: 4ο
Course content:

  1. Idealization of structural systems and their supports.
  2. Free-body diagram and equations of equilibrium.
  3. Stable and unstable structures, staticaly determinate and indeterminate structures.
  4. Symmetric structures with symmetric and antisymmetric loading, superposition.
  5. Analysis of staticaly determinate structures: Three-hinge frames, trusses, beams, frames.
  6. Calculation of internal forces and moments-construction of diagrams.
  7. The elastic line equation.
  8. The portal-frame method.
  9. The principle of virtual work.
  10. The unit-load method and its application to trusses, beams and frames.
  11. The Betti-Maxwell reciprocity theorem.
  12. Influence lines-Determination of peak internal loads.
  13. Analysis of staticaly indeterminate structures.
  14. Calculation of displacements of statically inditerminate structures.
  15. Approximate methods of analysis.

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