Mechanics of Materials
Instructor: Favvata Maria
Course code: 5303
Semester: 3ο
Course content:

  1. Bending theory: normal and shear stresses, deflection curve, energy methods.
  2. Special topics: non-prismatic beams, composite beams, inelastic bending, deflections due to shear, non-symmetric bending, shear center.
  3. Torsion: circular bars, rectangular bars, thin-walled closed sections, inelastic torsion, torsion of statically indeterminate members.
  4. Combined loading: axial, flexural, torsional.
  5. Buckling and stability: elastic and inelastic column behaviour.
  6. Laboratory testing: (a) strong and weak axis bending of timber beams, (b) inelastic bending of steel tube, (c) torsion of circular rod, (d) rebar buckling.

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