Dynamics - Vibrations
Instructor: Marathias Petros
Course code: 5402
Semester: 4ο
e-class: https://eclass.upatras.gr/courses/CIV1615/
Course content:

  1. Introduction to vector calculus.
  2. Kinematics of a particle. Coordinate systems.
  3. Kinetics of a particle, Newton’s law, work, energy, energy methods.
  4. Kinematics of a rigid body, angular velocity and acceleration, instantaneous center of rotation.
  5. Kinetics of a rigid body, generalization of Newton’s law. Single-degree-of-freedom vibrator, the concepts of mass, damping and stiffness.
  6. Free vibration.
  7. Forced vibration.
  8. Duhamel’s integral.
  9. Introduction to the two-degree-of–freedom system and the concept of eigenvalues and eigenmodes

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