Structural Materials
Instructor: Papanicolaou Catherine, Karantoni Triantafilia
Course code: 5304
Semester: 3ο
Course content:

  1. The microstructure of materials.
  2. Physical, thermal and mechanical properties of materials.
  3. Natural stones and their products. Hydraulic and air-hardened binders and mortars.
  4. Concrete: microstructure, constituents, strength, deformations, durability, mix design, fresh concrete.
  5. Steel and other metals: technological and mechanical properties, corrosion.
  6. Timber: technology, microstructure, mechanical properties, durability. Ceramics: physical and mechanical characteristics of clay bricks and other products.
  7. Masonry: mechanical behaviour, durability. Polymers: basic properties, environmental effects, fiber reinforcement, cellular materials.
  8. Laboratory testing: (a) mix design and workability of concrete, (b) gradation of aggregates, (c) non-destructive testing techniques (impact hammer, ultrasound testing, carbonation depth, permeability).

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