Structural Dynamics
Instructor: Papageorgiou Apostolos
Course code: 5701
Semester: 7ο
Course content:

  1. Dynamic loadings of structures.
  2. Equation of motion of Single Degree Of Freedom (SDOF) systems.
  3. Damping.
  4. Generalized SDOF systems.
  5. Free and forced vibrations of SDOF systems.
  6. Response spectra for seismic motions.
  7. Modelling of structures for dynamic analyses.
  8. Free vibrations of Multi Degree Of Freedom Systems (MDOF) Natural periods and normal modes.
  9. Forced vibrations of MDOF systems using the method of normal modes and the method of direct numerical integration.
  10. Earthquake response of MDOF systems using response spectra.
  11. Dynamic response of continuous systems.

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