Environmental Building Design
Instructor: Tsirigoti Dimitra
Course code: 5951
Semester: 10ο
e-class: http://eclass.upatras.gr/courses/CIV4047/
Course content:

  1. Introduction.
  2. European EPBD directive and national legislation. The NZEB building.
  3. Regulation of Energy Performance Building and International Standards (ASHRAE, Passive House, etc.) / Introduction to Thermodynamics. Heat, Thermal Balance.
  4. Energy Planning. Climate Parameters / Thermal comfort - Calculations, Specifications, Standards, Regulations.
  5. Conventional, Bioclimatic Design and Implementation Methodology.
  6. Building Fabric. Thermal insulation. Elimination of thermal bridges. Air tightness, implementation of ISO 13829.
  7. Frames, Glass, Specification (ISO EN 673, ISO EN 410, ISO EN 10077-2) and placement.
  8. Heating and Cooling. Overheating during the Summer.
  9. Ventilation and indoor air quality, Mechanical ventilation with energy recovery.
  10. Energy balance. Software Calculations and Simulation. The use of RES in NZEB buildings.
  11. The cost of construction.
  12. Energy Retrofits in existing buildings: Regulations and Practices.
  13. Technical specifications for buildings energy efficiency measurements, Thermography, Air Tightness Test. Building certification. Application examples.

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