Timber Structures
Instructor: Karantoni Triantafilia
Course code: 5952
Semester: 10ο
e-class: http://eclass.upatras.gr/courses/CIV1540/
Course content:

  1. This course covers the properties and classification of wood employed for structures, according to EC5.
  2. Emphasis is given to the anisotropy of this material, and influence of this anisotropy in relation to load-duration and moisture content, to design.
  3. The processes associated with verification under axial (compressive or tensile) load, parallel or normal to the grains, bending, shear and torsion, as well as combination of these actions, are covered.
  4. Single tapered and double tapered, curved and pitched cambered beams are examined.
  5. Detailing and verification of connections of wooden parts with metal fasteners (bolts, nails and screws) with wooden or metal plates are also examined.
  6. Rules and verification of mechanically joint columns and beams as well as trusses are explained.
  7. A course requirement is the completion of a project, which requires the design and verification of a wooden roof.

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