Timber Structures
Instructor: Karantoni Triantafilia
Course code: 5952
Semester: 10ο
e-class: http://eclass.upatras.gr/courses/CIV1540/
Course content:

  • Basics on wood structure
  • Macro- and micro-structure of wood
  • Actions and environmental influences
  • Load-duration classes
  • Service classes
  • Mechanical properties of wood
  • Solid timber
  • Glued laminated timber
  • Laminated veneer lumber (LVL)
  • Wood-based panels
  • Design
  • Design of cross-sections under tension parallel and perpendicular to the grain, under compression parallel and perpendicular to the grain, under bending, under shear and torsion
  • Cross-sections under combined bending and axial tension, under combined bending and axial compression
  • Stability of members
  • Design of cross-sections in members with varying cross-section or curved shape
  • Connection with metal fasteners
  • Timber-to-timber and panel-to-timber connections
  • Steel-to-timber connections
  • Nailed, bolted, doweled and screwed connections
  • Components and Assemblies
  • Glued thin-webbed beams, glued thin-flanged beams
  • Mechanically jointed beams, mechanically jointed and glued columns
  • Trusses with punched metal plate fasteners

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