Design of Special Concrete Structures
Instructor: Maraveas Chrysanthos
Course code: 5913
Semester: 9ο
Course content:

  • Bridge elements and design principles
  • Design actions on bridges: traffic and seismic actions
  • Deck types: prefabricated girders, slab on fixed formwork, balanced cantilevers with prefabricated or cast-in-place segments, incremental launch
  • Design of piers and abutments, capacity design of piers and their components according to Eurocode 8
  • Introduction - Basic principles.
  • Materials, Types of prestressing, prestressing systems.
  • Prestressing losses (immediate and long term).
  • Analysis of prestressed structures.
  • Indeterminate structures.
  • Design for Serviceability Limit State Design for Ultimate Limit State.
  • Design in Shear and Torsion.
  • Synthesis of prestressed structures (selection of cross-section, determination of prestressing force, analysis employing the equivalent loading method, selection of tendon profile).
  • Detailing of anchorage regions.

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