Materials and Design of Prefabricated Elements
Instructor: Papanicolaou Catherine
Course code: 5912
Semester: 9ο
Course content:

  • General knowledge regarding prefabrication: description, historical development, materials, prefabrication systems, applications, definitions and stages of the production process, categories of prefabrication systems, basic formulations of the load bearing structure of prefabricated buildings, comparisons between conventional and industrialized structures, cost elements and aesthetics, prefabrication in Greece, problems, trends and prospects, modern developments.
  • Technology and properties of materials used in prefabrication: Concretes of special performances (high early strength, high strength, self-leveling and self-compacting, lightweight, fiber-reinforced, architectural)
  • Types of structural elements and production methods: monolithic and sandwich elements, industrialized building systems, maintenance, storage, transport, assembly.
  • Special aspects of structural behavior and design of precast reinforced concrete elements: connections, earthquake behavior, durability.

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