Materials and Design of Prefabricated Elements
Instructor: Papanicolaou Catherine
Course code: 5912
Semester: 9ο
Course content:

The course is aimed at providing a review on the materials used in the prefabrication industry (focusing on advanced/innovative materials) and on the design of precast concrete structures (focusing on seismic-related issues). The topics covered in this course include: introduction to the concept of prefabrication for structural purposes: historical evolution, most common structural materials used, structural prefabrication systems, applications, cost, design codes. Advanced structural materials: high and/or specific performance cement-based materials (high strength concrete, fibre-reinforced concrete, lightweight concrete, self-compacting concrete, textile-reinforced concrete), glulam. Typology of structural elements and production methods: monolithic and sandwich-type elements, systems of industrialized construction, treatment (curing), storage, transportation, erection/assembly. Special issues on the design and response of precast concrete and glulam structural elements: design of connections, behaviour under seismic loading, durability. Production quality control.

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