Advanced Mechanics of Materials
Instructor: Sfakianakis Manolis
Course code: 5911
Semester: 9ο
Course content:

The course is divided into two parts: Part 1 covers basic principles in mechanics of solids, while Part 2 covers the application of the principles learned in Part 1 to selected topics of solid mechanics. The topics covered in this course include:
  1. Generalized Hooke’s Law for elastic solids. Isotropic – anisotropic – homogenous – non-homogenous materials.
  2. The Saint-Venant principle.
  3. The exact theory of stress analysis for straight and curved beams under tension, torsion and bending.
  4. Beams on elastic foundations.
  5. Simple problems of 2-D elasticity (thick-walled cylinders under internal and external uniform pressure).
  6. Simple problems of 3-D elasticity (thick-walled spheres under internal and external uniform pressure, torsion theory of circular beams.).
  7. Theory and simple applications of thin plates and shellsof revolution.

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