Design of Reinforced Concrete Linear Elements
Instructor: Bousias Stathis
Course code: 5601
Semester: 6ο
Course content:

  1. Basis of Design, Eurocode No 2, Eurocode No 8, Greek Code for concrete structures.
  2. Limit states, Actions, Material properties, partial safety for actions and materials.
  3. Design for bending and longitudinal force, singly and doubly reinforced concrete beams, flanged sections, columns, biaxial bending.
  4. Design method for shear, Elements not requiring shear reinforcement, Elements requiring shear reinforcement.
  5. Seismic Design for shear.
  6. Ductility design for seismic actions according to Eurocode 8 and the Greek Aseismic Code.
  7. Detailing arrangements, Construction rules, provisions foe beam columns and Beam-Column joints.

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