Soil Mechanics I
Instructor: Pelekis Panagiotis
Course code: 5503
Semester: 5ο
Course content:

  1. Introduction to Soil Mechanics.
  2. Soil formation and composition. Phase diagram.
  3. Grain Size. Plasticity. Identification and classification.
  4. Stresses and strains in soils. Geostatic conditions.
  5. Elasticity applications. Stresses from external loads.
  6. Water in soils. Effective stress concept.
  7. Steady state seepage. Darcy’s Law. Permeability.
  8. Soil compressibility. Theory of consolidation. Primary and secondary compression. Total settlement. Settlement as a function of time.
  9. Soil compaction.
  10. Stress-strain-strength of soils. Failure criteria. Behavior of saturated soils in drained and undrained conditions. Unsaturated soils.

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