Karantoni Triantafilia

Assistant Professor
Telephone: +30 2610 997778
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E-Mail: karmar@upatras.gr
Department of Civil Engineering, University of Patras, 265 00 Patras, Greece

Fillitsa Karantoni was born in Amaliada, Ilias. She got her Diploma Degree as well as her Doctoral Degree from the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Patras. She is Assistant Professor on Masonry Structures at the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Patras.

She is the author of a book on Masonry Structures and of over 50 papers in scientific journals and congress proceedings in the areas of seismic response and repairs of masonry structures which are the areas of her research activity as well. As a member of research teams, she was involved in the study of the seismic behavior and vulnerability of structures. Apart from teaching at University, she has also given plenty of lectures related to seismic damage and repairs of structures as well as the Eurocode 6.

She is member of the Board of Directors of Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization, Greece. She is also member of the scientific committee of the Code for Intervention on Masonry Structures and the of national committees of Eurocode 6 and 5 as well.

Selected Publications
  1. Karantoni F.V and Fardis M.N, " Assessment of Analysis Methods and of Strengthening Techniques for Earthquake Resistant Masonry Structures", Proc., on Int. Conf. Structural Conservation of Stone Masonry - Diagnosis, Repair and Strengthening, Athens, Nov. 1989.
  2. Karantoni F.V. and Fardis M.N., "Analytical Study of Strengthening Techniques for Earthquake Resistant Masonry Buildings", Proc., 9th Europ. Conf. on Earthq. Engrg., Τόμος 7Β, σελ. 125-134, Moskow, Sept. 1990.
  3. F. Karantoni, "Seismic retrofitting of Fragavilla Monastery" Earthquake and Structures, V. 5, 2, pp143-160, 2013.   
  4. F. Karantoni, G. Tsionis, F. Lyrantzaki, M.N. Fardis "Seismic Fragility of regular masonry buildings for in-plane and out-of-plane failure" Earthquake and Structures, V6, 6 pp 689-713, 2014
  5. F. V. Karantoni, M. Papadopoulos & S. J. Pantazopoulou “Simple Seismic Assessment of Traditional Unreinforced Masonry Buildings” International Journal of Architectural Heritage, http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/15583058.2016.1183062
  6. F. Karantoni, Y. Manalis, Chapter 18, Parametric seismic assessment of a non – symmetric stone masonry building with flexible floors, στο Seismic Assessment, Behavior and Retrofit of Heritage Buildings and Monuments, ed. Springer, 429-448, 2015
  7. S. Pantazopoulou, F. Karantoni, M. Papadopoulos, Chapter 5, Criteria for seismic assessment, στο State of the art report for the analysis methods for unreinforced masonry heritage structures and monuments, σελ 66-76, Αθήνα 2013

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