Stiros Stathis

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Department of Civil Engineering, University of Patras, 265 00 Patras, Greece

Stathis Stiros (Dipl. Eng. in Surveying, National Polytechnic Univ. Athens, PhD Geology, Univ. of Athens) has worked between 1979-1997 as surveyor and researcher in Engineering Geology and Geodynamics in the Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration (Athens Greece) and since 1997 he is with the Laboratory of Geodesy and Geodetic Applications, Dept. of Civil Engineering, currently as professor.

His research interests cover various applications of Engineering Geodesy (monitoring and analysis of deformations of the ground and of underground excavations, of static and dynamic movements of structures/Structural Health Monitoring), metrology and accuracy of geodetic instruments, including 100Hz GNSS-GPS), measurements, analysis and interpretation of tectonic/seismic and volcanic ground deformation, palaeoseismology and archaeoseismology, ancient technology, coastal changes, etc., smart infrastructure based on geodetic methods, signal analysis and solution of highly non-linear inverse problems.

He is the author of >100 research articles listed in SCOPUS, has participated in various international and national research projects, some supported by leading companies. He has served as reviewer in more than 50 international journals and as guestco-editor in 6 international journals.

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