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Dr. Athanassios A. Dimas was born in Athens (1963). His degrees include: Diploma in Naval Architecture and Mechanical Engineering (1985) from the National Technical University of Athens, and M.Sc. in Ocean Engineering (1988), M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering (1988) and Ph.D. in Ocean Engineering (1991) all from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Since 2013, he is a Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Patras. Dr. Dimas was employed as a post-doctoral research associate (1991-1994) in the Levich Institute at the City College of New York, as an assistant professor (1994-2001) in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maryland and as an assistant professor (2002-2008) and an associate professor (2008-2013) in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Patras.

He is the author or co-author (Google Scholar profile) of 25 articles in refereed international journals and books, 51 articles in refereed international and national conference proceedings, about 20 conference abstracts, about 10 technical reports, as well as university notes for the courses he teaches at the University of Patras. He serves or served as the principal investigator of 14 funded research projects in the USA and Greece and a member of the research team in 6 more funded projects. He was awarded the Offshore Mechanics Prize (1991) by the Offshore Mechanics and Polar Engineering Council. He is the holder of an International Patent (U.S. Pat. No. 6512999, 2003), he has served as a referee of about 25 journal and proceedings articles, and he is a member of international and Greek scientific associations and panels.

His research interests are in the areas of Coastal Hydraulics, Free-Surface Flow, Breaking Waves, Numerical and Theoretical Fluid Mechanics.

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Selected Publications
  1. Dimas A.A. and Vouros, A., 2012. Effect of cross-flow velocity at forebay on swirl in pump suction pipe: Hydraulic model of seawater intake at Aliveri power plant in Greece. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering (ASCE), accepted.
  2. Grigoriadis, D.G.E., Dimas, A.A. and Balaras, E., 2012. Large-Eddy Simulation of Wave Turbulent Boundary Layer over Rippled Bed. Coastal Engineering 60, 174-189.
  3. Dimakopoulos, A.S. and Dimas, A.A., 2011. Large-wave Simulation of Three-Dimensional, Cross-Shore and Oblique, Spilling Breaking on Constant Slope Beach. Coastal Engineering 58, 790-801.
  4. Dimas, A.A. and Kolokythas, G.A., 2011. Flow Dynamics and Forces on Ripples Induced by Viscous Wave Propagation Over Rippled Bed. Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Engineering (ASCE) 137, 64-74.
  5. Dimas, A.A. and Dimakopoulos, A.S. 2009. A Surface-Roller Model for the Numerical Simulation of Spilling Wave Breaking Over Constant Slope Beach. Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Engineering (ASCE), accepted.
  6. Grigoridis, D.G.E., Balaras, E. and Dimas, A.A. 2009. Large-Eddy Simulations of Unidirectional Water Flow Over Dunes. Journal of Geophysical Research, accepted.
  7. Dimas, A.A., Fourniotis, N.T., Vouros, A. and Demetracopoulos, A.C., 2008. Effect of Bed Dunes on Spatial Development of Open-Channel Flow, Journal of Hydraulic Research (IAHR), 46, 802-813.
  8. Dimas, A.A., 2008. Discussion on the “Numerical simulation of wave-induced laminar boundary layers”. Coastal Engineering 55, 1243-1244.
  9. Drosos, G.C., Dimas, A.A. and Karabalis, D.L., 2008. Discrete Models for Seismic Analysis of Liquid Storage Tanks of Arbitrary Shape and Fill Height. Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology 130(041801), 1-12.
  10. Dimas, A.A., 2007. Large-Wave Simulation of Microscale Breaking Waves Induced by a Free-Surface Drift Layer. Wave Motion 44, 355-370.
  11. Dimas, A.A., Mowili, B.M., and Piomelli, U., 2003. Large-Eddy Simulation of Subcritical Transition in an Attachment-Line Boundary Layer, Computers and Mathematics with Applications 46, 571-589.
  12. Dimas, A.A. and Fialkowski, L.T., 2000. Large-Wave Simulation (LWS) of Free-Surface Flows Developing Weak Spilling Breaking Waves. Journal of Computational Physics 159, 172-196.

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