The Department Structure Computer Center
The goal of the Computer Center is to facilitate research and aid in educational advancement by providing computing and printing facilities to students, researchers and faculty of the Department. In addition the staff of the computer center provide technical support to administration staff and the faculty.
The Computer Center also operates a beowulf cluster which consists of 20 nodes and running specialized versions of Matlab and Fortran for parallel computing.

Computer Center has over 45 workstations running enterprise version of Windows 7 and special software to meet the demands of classes and researchers.
There are also 2 laser printers and a plotter, which can be accessed from any of the workstations, but there are limitations to the amount of pages a student can be print for free.
In addition to the equipment described above, there are 2 servers operating as domain controllers, a license server, a powerful server dedicated to run time-consuming experiments and the web server of the Department which is hosting the website of the Department and websites of Laboratories of the Department.
The Computer Center is located on the 1st floor of the building.
Personnel :
Tsokos George +30 2610 996590 +30 2610 996565
Maleas Dimitris +30 2610 996560 +30 2610 996565

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