The Department History
The Department of Civil Engineering was founded in 1972, consists of 35 full time faculty members and has an undergraduate student body of about 1200. It operates under the 5 years program of study and offers the degree of Diploma in Civil Engineering. The Department consists of three Divisions which cover the areas of Structural Engineering with 14 faculty members, Geotechnical Engineering and Hydraulic Engineering with 9 faculty members and Environmental Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Building Technology/City Planning with 12 faculty members.

The Department operates 8 Laboratories for teaching and research purposes. These are the Structural Engineering, the Structural Materials, the Geotechnical Engineering, the Hydraulic Engineering, the Environmental Engineering, the Transportation Works, the Architectural Technology and Spatial Planning and the Surveying Laboratories. In addition, the Department has a Computer Center with a large number of personal computers, which provides adequate computing facilities primarily for undergraduate education. Computational facilities for research purposes are attached to each of the eight Laboratories of the Department.

The Department is also responsible for graduate education leading to the degrees of Master of Civil Engineering and Doctor of Civil Engineering through a comprehensive graduate studies program involving graduate level courses.

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