Civil Engineering Erasmus Contact: Professor Theodoros Karavasilis

Undergraduate courses are taught in Greek. Erasmus+ incoming students are not required to take any test of proficiency in the Greek language. However, they are encouraged to attend:
• Greek Language Course (free of charge, awards 6 credits)
• Greek Culture and Civilization (free of charge, awards 3 credits).
Students who wish to attend either or both courses must include them in their Learning Agreement (more info:

An undergraduate incoming Erasmus+ student may carry out her/his final year project (thesis – or part of it) under the co-supervision of one of our faculty members (info regarding our staff and their specializations may be found on our web site; in this case, the student (and his/her thesis’ supervisor) have to come in contact with the faculty member in question and ask for her/his agreement.
Graduate courses are taught in Greek excluding those taught in combination with courses offered by the Department within the framework of international MSc programs. Please contact the instructor of the particular course to confirm the language.


The student will:
• be provided with the appropriate literature in English
• interact with the instructor through scheduled meetings throughout the semester
• be assigned a project or a series of take-home exercises
• be examined on the basis of the above-stated project/exercises or of a final written (or oral) test at the end of the semester.


Applied Mathematics III (3rd Semester) Introduction to Mechanics of Materials (2nd Semester)
Eugenia N. Petropoulou Catherine Papanicolaou
Design of steel structural components (5th Semester) Design of Steel Structures (6th Semester)
Theodoros Karavasilis Theodoros Karavasilis
Coastal Hydraulics
Athanasios Dimas
Applied Mathematics Design of Steel Structures for Robustness and Resilience under Extreme Hazards
Eugenia N. Petropoulou Theodoros Karavasilis
Advanced Materials and Seismic Retrofit Technologies
Thanasis Triantafillou