Course program for specialization area

A – Materials, Constructions and Geotechnical Works of High Resilience

Semester Course Title Code Course type ECTS
Winter Risk and Reliability Analysis GPOL_R_16101 Compulsory 7.5
Design Principles for Resilient, Sustainable, and Smart Infrastructures GPOL_R_16102 Elective 7.5
Advanced Materials and Retrofitting Technologies GPOL_A_16011 Elective 7.5
Redesign οf Existing Structures GPOL_A_16104 Elective 7.5
Soil Dynamics and Seismic Design of Foundations GPOL_A_16116 Elective 7.5
Applied Mathematics GPOL_A_16113 Elective 7.5
Spring Design of Steel Structures for Robustness and Resilience against Extreme Hazards GPOL_A_16012 Elective 7.5
Experimental methods in structural engineering GPOL_A_16013 Elective 7.5
Introduction to Structural Fire Engineering GPOL_A_16014 Elective 7.5
Structural Analysis for Extreme Actions GPOL_A_16015 Elective 7.5
Modern Geotechnical Seismic Design GPOL_A_16016 Elective 7.5
New Technologies and Monitoring for Designing Resilient Geotechnical Structures GPOL_A_16017 Elective 7.5
Satellite Geodesy and Remote Sensing for Monitoring Natural Processes and Infrastructures GPOL_R_16104 Elective 7.5
Diploma Thesis GPOL_R_16100 Elective 15