Research areas:

  • Sustainable management of wastewater and solid wastes
  • Protection and restoration of water ecosystems
  • Diffusion and dispersion of pollutants into water bodies and the atmosphere
  • Sustainable urban planning
  • Digital solutions for management of the built environment
  • Information and communication technologies for life cycle management of engineering projects and infrastructure
  • New material and technology testing in highway structures and operation
  • Traffic engineering, road safety, autonoumous vehicles
  • Design and operations of mass transit systems
  • Soft mobility and micromobility (pedestrians, bikes, e-scooters etc)
  • Development and use of statistical methods in data analysis
  • Green living areas & buildings energy refurbishment — PROJECTS: GreenBuilding & SEACAP 4 SDG
  • Connected and autonomous intelligent transportation systems — PROJECTS: CROCODILE2 & C-ROADS
  • Intelligent freight logistics— PROJECTS: FRESH WAYS
  • Sustainable mobility systems — PROJECTS: Green Inter-e-Mobility
  • Circular Economy Ecosystems — PROJECTS: DECOST
  • Tourism industrial ecosystems – PROJECTS: IKAT TOURISM

The following Laboratories belong to Division C:


Zacharias, Ierotheos
Zacharias, Ierotheos Professor


Chassiakos, Athanasios
Chassiakos, Athanasios Professor
Christoforou, Zoi
Christoforou, Zoi Associate Professor
Economou, Polychronis
Economou, Polychronis Associate Professor
Iliopoulou, Christina
Iliopoulou, ChristinaAssistant Professor
Manariotis, Ioannis
Manariotis, IoannisAssociate Professor
Ntaikou, Ioanna
Ntaikou, IoannaAssistant Professor