Research areas:

  • Sustainable management of wastewater and solid wastes
  • Protection and restoration of water ecosystems
  • Diffusion and dispersion of pollutants into water bodies and the atmosphere
  • Sustainable urban planning
  • Digital solutions for management of the built environment
  • Information and communication technologies for life cycle management of engineering projects and infrastructure
  • New material and technology testing in highway structures and operation
  • Traffic engineering, road safety, autonoumous vehicles
  • Design and operations of mass transit systems
  • Soft mobility and micromobility (pedestrians, bikes, e-scooters etc)
  • Development and use of statistical methods in data analysis
  • Green living areas & buildings energy refurbishment — PROJECTS: GreenBuilding & SEACAP 4 SDG
  • Connected and autonomous intelligent transportation systems — PROJECTS: CROCODILE2 & C-ROADS
  • Intelligent freight logistics— PROJECTS: FRESH WAYS
  • Sustainable mobility systems — PROJECTS: Green Inter-e-Mobility
  • Circular Economy Ecosystems — PROJECTS: DECOST
  • Tourism industrial ecosystems – PROJECTS: IKAT TOURISM

The following Laboratories belong to Division C:


Zacharias, Ierotheos
Zacharias, Ierotheos Professor


Chassiakos, Athanasios
Chassiakos, Athanasios Associate Professor
Christoforou, Zoi
Christoforou, Zoi Assistant Professor
Economou, Polychronis
Economou, Polychronis Associate Professor
Manariotis, Ioannis
Manariotis, IoannisAssociate Professor