The following courses may be offered in English to in-coming students, upon arrangement with the Department (contact: Prof. S. Bousias, Graduate Studies Director,

Instructor Course title
Papanicolaou A. Introduction to Structural Fire Engineering
Petropoulou J. Applied Mathematics
Karavasilis A. Design of steel structures for robustness and resilience against extreme hazards
Economou P. Statistical analysis of data
Triantafillou T. Advanced materials and seismic retrofit technologies
Dimas A. Coastal zone management and protection
Zacharias I. Ecological engineering
Christoforou, Z. Transport project sustainability by life-cycle analysis
Bousias S. Experimental Structural Engineerring
Kontoe, S. Soil Dynamics and Seismic Design of Foundations
Kontoe, S. Modern Geotechnical Seismic Design
Horsh, G. Hydrodynamics and coastal circulation
Pappas, C. Satellite Geodesy and Remote Sensing for Monitoring Natural Processes and Infrastructures
Langousis A. Statistical analysis and modeling of extreme values for hydrologic applications
Stefanides Y. Autonomy and Artificial Intelligence in Transportation
Stefanides Y. Connected Intelligent Transport Systems
Stefanides Y. Design of Connected and Autonomous Intelligent Transport Systems
Stefanides Y. Special Topics in Intelligent Transport and Project Management Systems
Chassiakos A. Optimization methods
Chassiakos A. Sustainability of Transportation Systems
Chassiakos A. Information and communications technologies in construction management
Chassiakos A. Digital twins technologies and smart interconnected infrastructures