Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory

The Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory of the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Patras has been operating since 1985 both for teaching and for research in the field of Geotechnical Engineering. Available conventional equipment covers all needs for laboratory soil mechanics testing (grain size analysis, Atterberg limits, permeability, consolidation, compaction, direct and triaxial compression). Specialized equipment for laboratory and field measurements includes equipment in soil dynamics (resonant column, cyclic triaxial, cross-hole, surface waves spectral analysis), performance monitoring instrumentation (inclinometer, piezometers, tiltmeters, water level indicator), geosynthetics testing (physical, mechanical, hydraulic properties) and rock mechanics. The laboratory has two groups of PC stations with appropriate software for use by graduate and undergraduate students and a number of physical models for educational purposes.


Current research topics include:

  • Use of expanded polystyrene in geotechnical construction
  • Dynamic properties and behavior of expanded polystyrene
  • Development of new geosynthetic products for Greek manufacturers
  • Properties and behavior of geosynthetics
  • Reinforced earth
  • Dynamic properties and behavior of soils
  • Shallow foundations
  • Mechanical behavior of rock masses


The Laboratory has 1 faculty member and about 20 graduate students including 5 doctoral candidates. The Laboratory has awarded 7 PhD and 35 MSc degrees during the last decade. Approximately 15 undergraduate students work for their diploma thesis in the Laboratory each year.

Director of the Laboratory is Professor George Mylonakis, tel. +30 2610 996541, email