Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory

The aim of the Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory (www.hydraulics.civil.upatras.gr) at the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Patras is to support teaching, advance research and provide services related to flow of surface, ground and sea waters, coastal engineering, hydrology and water resources management, as well as associated technical works.

The Laboratory was founded in 1980. Initially, its title was “Laboratory of Hydraulic Works”. It was renamed to its present name in 1991. The late Christos Hadjitheodorou served as Director of the Laboratory from 1980 until 2006. The currently Emeritus Professor Alexander Demetracopoulos served as Director of the Laboratory from 2006 until 2020.

The Laboratory consists of the primary laboratory space with an area of approximately 1000 m2, and a secondary space of approximately 100 m2. The main facilities in the primary space are the Long Flume, the Intermediate Flume, the Wave Basin and the Network of Constant-Head Conduits which lead to the corresponding space for operation of hydraulic models. The main facilities in the secondary space are the Small Flume and the Hydraulic Benches with assorted attachments which allow performance of various small scale experiments. There exists the necessary equipment for measurement of characteristic parameters in laboratory experiments as well as in field work. In addition, there exists a computer lab which consists of 20 serial computers and a parallel computer with four (4) nodes.


The personnel of the Lab comprise four Faculty Members, two Emeritus Professors, one Laboratory Technician and one Administrative staff member. Since 2020, Director of the Laboratory is Professor Athanassios Dimas (adimas@upatras.gr).