Structural Materials Laboratory

Established in 1992, the Structural Materials Laboratory ( of the Department of Civil Engineering has as main goal the teaching and advancement of research in the field of mechanics and technology of materials used in civil engineering structures. Moreover, the laboratory offers specialised services related to the measurement and assessment of mechanical and other properties for a wide range of materials and small scale structural elements.


Teaching and research activities in the Structural Materials Laboratory are associated with the following:

  • development and application of advanced civil engineering materials, with emphasis on fibre-reinforced polymer composites, textile reinforced mortars and high-performance concrete (fibre-reinforced, high-strength, lightweight etc.)
  • behaviour of structural steel, timber and timber-based products
  • mechanics and technology of masonry and mortars
  • concrete technology
  • non-destructive evaluation of materials and structural members lightweight foam-based insulation materials
  • fire engineering
  • development and investigation of advanced materials systems for the combined energy/seismic retrofitting of buildings


The equipment of the Structural Materials Laboratory includes the following:

  • tension, compression, flexure and torsion testing machines
  • rigid frame for biaxial testing of structural elements
  • strain and displacement measurement devices
  • non-destructive testing equipment (e.g. ultrasonic instrument, rebound hammer, hardness tester, rebar locator, corrosion analyzer, flat jacks, pull-off tester, permeability apparatus, porosity tester)
  • concrete and mortar technology equipment
  • thermal conductivity measurement apparatus
  • 3×3 m vertical furnace and 4.1×3.1 m horizontal furnace, combined with steel frames and actuators


The personnel involved in the laboratory includes 3 faculty members, post-doctoral associates, PhD candidates, postgraduate students and undergraduates working on their diploma theses.

Director of the Structural Materials Laboratory is Professor T. C. Triantafillou (tel: +30 2610 996516, email: