1.       Bridge elements and design principles

2.       Design actions on bridges: traffic and seismic actions

3.       Deck types: prefabricated girders, slab on fixed formwork, balanced cantilevers with prefabricated or cast-in-place segments, incremental launch

4.       Design of piers and abutments, capacity design of piers and their components according to Eurocode 8

5.       Introduction – Basic principles of prestressed concrete

6.       Materials, Types of prestressing, prestressing systems.

7.       Prestressing losses (immediate and long term).

8.       Analysis of prestressed structures.

9.       Design for Serviceability Limit State

10.    Design for Ultimate Limit State.

11.    Synthesis of prestressed structures (selection of cross-section, determination of prestressing force, analysis employing the equivalent loading method, selection of tendon profile).

12.  Detailing of anchorage regions.