1. Materials

Concrete technology, mechanical behaviour of concrete and reinforcing steel.


2. The basis of design

Extreme situations, combinations of actions and the determination of action effects.


3. Design based on the ultimate limit state in bending with normal forces

The basis of structural design in bending, design of rectangular cross sections in uniaxial bending with normal forces, interaction between moment and axial load for rectangular sections with symmetrical reinforcement in uniaxial bending, rectangular cross sections in biaxial bending  with normal force, bending cross sections of the form T or Γ (flanged beams).


4. Constructional configuration rules and detailing of linear elements

Minimum anchorage lengths for reinforcement and minimum concrete cover, constructional configuration rules and the design of detailing for beams and columns.


5. Structurally designing linear elements based on the ultimate limit state in shear

Elements without shear reinforcement, tensile elements with shear reinforcement, behaviour of linear elements in shear under monotonic loading and/or cyclic loading, code regulations for structural design in shear, special cases of shear stress:  indirect supports, suspended loads and connections of flanges and webs in flanged beams.