1.    Introduction to wastewater treatment.

2.    Wastewater flowrates, characteristics and impacts of sewage and wastewater, and disposal regulations.

3.    Principles of applied microbiology and microbial metabolism.

4.    Preliminary treatment (screens and communitors, grit removal, flow equalization) and primary treatment (sedimentation, physico-chemical treatment).

5.    Biological wastewater treatment (activated sludge, trickling filters, rotating biological contactors).

6.    Natural wastewater treatment (stabilization ponds, constructed wetlands).

7.    Advanced treatment (removal of nitrogen, phosphorus and organic compounds).

8.    Anaerobic wastewater treatment.

9.    Sludge treatment and disposal.

10. Wastewater disinfection.

11. Onsite wastewater disposal.

12. Sewers corrosion