1. Virtual work principles
  2. The concept of  discretization, stiffness matrix, nodal forces and nodal displacements
  3. Development of stiffness matrices for simple structures: truss, beam, 2-D frame elements. Solution of examples of such structures.
  4. 3-D frame and grid elements. Solution of examples.
  5. Plane stress and plane strain. Constant and linear strain triangle, 4-node rectangular element. Comparisons of various available elements. Numerical efficiency and convergence of solution. Solution of examples.
  6. Axisymmetric elements. Solution of examples.
  7. 3-D “brick” elements.
  8. Practical considerations of modeling. Interpretation of results.
  9. Static and dynamic analysis of structures.
  10. Static and dynamic analysis of structures with computers. FEM programs for structural analysis (e.g. ANSYS, SAP, ETABS, etc).