1. Introduction
Concepts and definitions, Wastewater disposal and ecological processes, Impacts, Wastewater disposal philosophy, Receiver water quality, Pollution loads, Legislation
2. Pollutants, Effects, Characteristics
Pollutants and environmental impacts, Surface waters, Soil, Groundwater, Atmosphere, Pollution characteristics, Physical, chemical and biological characteristics of water bodies
3. Wastewater Disposal Systems Study
Methodology, Basic knowledge and regulations, Quality criteria for minimum dilution, Legislation, Design of wastewater disposal system, Assessment of self-cleaning capacity of receiving water bodies
4. Diffusion of Liquid and Gaseous pollutants
Introduction, Buoyant jets, Multiple diffusers, Computation of concentrations and dilutions in the near and far field
5. Design of Wastewater Disposal System (into Water Bodies)
Main parts, Charge tank, Wastewater inlet conduit, Diffuser, Hydraulic Calculation, Example