Topics covered by the course include:

• Theory of Random Processes [Specification of Random Processes; Stationary (Homogeneous) Random Processes; Expected Values: Moments; Differentiation and Integration of a Random Process; Spectral Representation of a Random Process; Non-stationary (evolutionary) Random Processes]
• Some Important Random Processes [Gaussian, Poisson, and Markov Random Processes]
• Further Properties of Random Processes [Threshold Crossings; Peak Distribution; Envelope Distribution; First-Passage Time; Maximum Value of a Random Process in a Time Interval]
• Linear Structures with Single Degree of Freedom (SDOF) [System Response to Random Excitation; Weakly Stationary Excitations; Non-stationary Excitations]
• Linear Structures with Multiple Degrees of Freedom (MDOF) [General Analytical Framework]
• Structural Failures Resulting from Dynamic Response and Related Topics [First-Excursion Failures; Fatigue Failures]
• Response of Nonlinear Structural Systems [Method of Equivalent Linearization – Hysteretic Systems]