• Elements of vector algebra [Systems of Reference – Cartesian; Addition and Subtraction of Vectors;

Vector Products: Scalar & Vector Products;

Definition of force and moment vectors [Moment w.r.t. a point and w.r.t. an axis; couple of forces].

  • Basic principles of statics.
  • Equipollent sets of  forces;  reduction  of  sets  of forces.
  • Distributed force sets;  center  of  mass;  centroid;  Pappus Theorems.
  • Conditions of static  Equilibrium    of    rigid (undeformable) bodies.
  • Analysis of statically  determinate  trusses,  beams and  frames  (including  three-joint  structures  and Gerber beams).
  • Determination of bending  moment,  shear  force and axial force diagrams.

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•Flexible Cables