1 Introduction
2. Philosophy of sustainable wastewater disposal
3. Quality of recipients
4. Pollution loads
5. Impact on the environment
6. Determination of minimum waste dilution
7. Self-cleaning of recipients
8. Diffusion of wastewater pollutants
9. Turbulent buoyant jets
10. Application of the integrative method in buoyant jets
11. Two-dimensional or circular buoyant jets
12. Application of curvilinear systems in inclined two-dimensional or circular buoyant jets
13. Interaction of buoyant jets
14. Design of a sustainable wastewater disposal system.

The elaboration of the work contributes to the final grade of the course by 40% and the final examination by 60%. In case of elaboration of a different topic per student, which is delivered partially per week, there may be an exemption from the final exam, when the total grade is over 7.5 (0.0-10.0).