1. Introduction to the concepts of sustainability and life cycle analysis of projects.
2. Evaluation of project performance in their life cycle (life cycle performance assessment), techniques of analysis and performance forecasting over time.
3. Study of socio-economic and environmental impacts of transport systems (accessibility, consumption and depletion of natural resources, energy and renewable sources, emissions and greenhouse effects).
4. Sustainability of road systems.
5. Technologies for reviewing and evaluating the status of road project elements (pavements, bridges, tunnels, etc), impact assessment on project sustainability and performance.
6. Use of recycled materials, durable materials and new materials (nano-materials).
7. Performance optimization of road projects in their life cycle (long term performance optimization), decision support systems for optimal maintenance and restoration of the road network (pavement management systems, bridge management systems).
8. Life cycle analysis of micro-mobility systems.
9. Emerging designs and technologies to address the challenges of sustainability in transport systems and projects.